Emirates Studies launches its strategic plan 2021-2023


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research launched the center’s strategic plan for the period (2021-2023), which aims to lay sustainable foundations for a pioneering think tank that foresee the future, by promoting the concept of a knowledge-based society, and developing a pioneering business model that promotes future and strategic studies and optimal investment of resources, through By dedicating a culture of awareness to the community in strategic issues, building citizenship capabilities, making maximum use of specialized cadres, strengthening the center’s presence to reach the ranks of global think tanks, spreading knowledge, consolidating a culture of innovation and foreseeing the future.
At the beginning of the meeting, which witnessed the launch of the plan, Dr. Sultan Muhammad Al-Nuaimi, Director-General of the Center, announced the establishment of the Institutional Development Office, and among its objectives is the development and modernization of the organizational structure of the Center to suit the objectives set, raising performance and improving major operations, preparing and applying governance policies, and preparing statistics A periodical on performance and work that falls within the competence of each department.
Al-Nuaimi said: The center aims from the strategic plan to consolidate the institutional character, in order to be more able to proceed in achieving its goals, and to achieve the qualitative leap hoped in its performance of the various tasks it undertakes. He stressed that having a clear strategy is a vital issue for any institution, because it sets the required priorities and the mechanisms for achieving them. He added that human competencies are the main element in developing the performance of the work of various institutions, pointing out that dedicating the values ​​of institutional work is a vital necessity to make these institutions more capable of giving, innovation and excellence. The plan includes a road map for institutional development, during the current year, that includes several objectives, including: the adoption of the strategy, and the preparation of operational plans. As for the institutional values ​​of the plan, they include: developing the work environment, building capacities, sustainability, diversifying products appropriate to needs, building partnerships, and investing resources.