Emirates Post Group issues commemorative stamps celebrating UAE N ..


(Pakistan Point News – 11th Apr, 2021) DUBAI, 11th April, 2021 (WAM) – Emirates Post Group, in cooperation with the UAE Government Media Office, issued commemorative stamps to celebrate the UAE Nation Brand.

The issuance is in line with the instructions of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai to convey the story of the Emirates to the world. The stamp will serve as an ambassador and means of cultural communication reaching countries and people around the globe.

The stamp design embodies the seven lines that make up the map of the Emirates, representing the identity and proud aspirations of the nation, “seven emirates, seven founders and seven beacons towards one future”.

The stamp design includes the brand slogan “impossible is possible”. The importance of the brand identity lies in that it is a symbol of the country’s journey, its many achievements over the past half century, and its ambitious vision for the future.

Commenting on this special issuance Abdullah Mohammed Alashram, Group CEO of Emirates Post Group Company, said: “The UAE celebrates its golden jubilee in 2021, marking the 50th anniversary of the Union and five decades full of achievements that we are all proud of. They are the years that made up our splendid past mapped at the proclamation of the Union and today, we are at the threshold of a new phase, one that the UAE will embark on with resolved determination, with numerous initiatives governed by a deliberate strategy and tactful plan. As a nation, we welcome the new era with aspiration, optimism, confidence, and unprecedented vigour, to ensure we deliver on our pledge: plan, implement, celebrate achievements.”

Al-Ashram added: “From a story rooted in the desert, we at Emirates Post Group are proud to issue commemorative stamps to establish the UAE’s reputation as a global source of inspiration towards a bright future and to present our inspiring story to the world as a symbol of ambition, achievement, openness, and hope, promoting a culture of possibilities.”

Emirates Post issued 175,000 commemorative stamps along with 1,000 First Day Cover Sheets. They are available for purchase on the Emirates Post Web Shop emiratespostshop.ae or from Emirates Post’s central Customer Happiness Centres across the country.