Emirates News Agency – Report: Dubai is a unique destination that keeps pace with global travel trends and meets the desires of travelers


DUBAI, JUNE 2 / WAM / The City of Dubai Dubai is a unique destination that keeps pace with the development of global travel trends and meets the desires of travelers.

Dubai ranked first on the list of the world’s top destinations for travelers for 2022, according to TripAdvisor, strengthening its position to become the preferred and leading destination in the hospitality, entertainment and diverse culinary experiences sectors.

Dubai offers the best destinations and tourist attractions, as well as activities and events for art and culture lovers, and invites travelers to spend special times with the family. While the city offers those seeking luxury, a lot of experiences designed to improve their levels of health and well-being while complying with health and safety standards.

The Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai is committed to working with its local and international partners to keep pace with global travel market trends, particularly following the global “Covid-19” pandemic, and to meet the expectations of travelers is looking for distinctive and sustainable experiences as Dubai offers experiences that exceed the expectations of the visitors.

Following the recovery phase from the pandemic, the department seeks to make positive changes in the sector in line with current and future trends and is eager to keep pace with the new developments that have emerged to seize opportunities with the rapid return of tourism activity as f. ex. who travel for work and leisure together and family travel in addition to the prevailing trends who travel with a focus on health and sustainability.

These trends show the acceleration of growth according to the “American Express” report on global travel trends for the year 2022, which shows the interest of travelers in all tourism sectors to have cultural and quality experiences during their travels.

Dubai receives thousands of business travelers annually thanks to its position as a leading business center and a global connection, where tourism companies have worked to provide the two elements of entertainment and recreation within their tourist travel in connection with the increase in foreign travel for business travelers.

Due to its eagerness to strengthen its position as a global destination for tourism, Dubai has been committed to extending visitors’ stays for business purposes, in addition to offering a range of luxury restaurants and excellent experiences that allow this category to benefit benefit from the highest level of comfort and relaxation.

Many travelers seek to get special vacations and for an extended period of time to compensate for what they missed during the period when the world experienced travel restrictions as some of them had to postpone weddings and family vacations. Dubai itself presents an ideal destination and the best opportunity to enjoy these “postponed vacations”. It includes many of the best and most luxurious high-end hotels, hospitality, accommodation and entertainment destinations.

Travelers working abroad prefer to spend holidays with their family members after a long absence, and Dubai is a great choice to meet again thanks to its wide range of entertainment options and destinations to suit all ages.

Dubai has witnessed an increase in the demand for “on-demand” tourism packages as travelers want to enjoy the best experiences that suit them after the recovery of the global tourism sector, by designing holidays to suit their preferences and tastes , which includes trying out the best cuisines, cuisines and exceptional tourist destinations in addition to offers on Health and wellness and other amazing experiences.

The Emirate is a leading destination for bespoke tourist travel due to its distinctive tourist components and places equipped with the best means to provide maximum comfort for travelers during their vacations.

Emirates Holidays is eager to offer tailor-made tours that combine the best experiences, entertainment destinations and accommodation in different areas of Dubai, in addition to organizing a number of extraordinary trips, as specialized experts set schedules for their programs and are familiar with all the attractions in Dubai . Dubai to provide wonderful tours And distinctive.

Dubai has become a center that attracts travelers and employees who have the opportunity to work remotely thanks to the growing demand for the virtual work model, as many offices and hotels have begun to adapt to this trend and offer a range of offers as well as spaces and requirements to facilitate the tasks of these persons.

While Dubai was one of the first destinations to encourage individuals to work remotely through its advanced infrastructure and co-working spaces, most of the users of these spaces became employees of companies outside the Emirates.

Dubai offers cultural experiences for lovers of art and knowledge as it is characterized by its ancient heritage and includes a range of interactive cultural experiences, making it a preferred destination for this category of travelers.

The newly opened “Museum of the Future” is distinguished by its fantastic architectural design and gives its visitors a new model for discovery, knowledge and innovation. The museum’s focus revolves around various topics, including the environment, biotechnology, outer space and transport, in addition to exhibitions that provide an overall vision of the future.

As for the “Etihad Museum”, it is a destination that extends over an area of ​​more than 25,000 square meters and offers unforgettable experiences for visitors who want to learn more about the history, culture, heritage and journey of development and prosperity in UAE through its exhibitions, periodic activities, tours and workshops.

And the traditional “Heritage Express” bus accompanies its passengers on an experience touring Dubai’s Old Town on a three-hour tour that includes dozens of historic destinations, including the “Jumeirah Mosque Park” and the “Etihad Museum”. where Emirati guides enrich the authentic experience through the stories they tell along the way to be The ideal way to learn more about the city’s history and its unique culture.

Theater of Digital Art – the interactive multimedia exhibition aimed at the senses of the Souk Madinat Jumeirah – is the first artistic initiative of its kind in the UAE to bring together various forms of digital art, including multimedia exhibitions, contemporary art and virtual reality art. be a hub for activities Entertainment, cultural and artistic, as it offers a seasonal program of musical events performed by local jazz artists as well as artists of classical performances.

Ski Dubai – which has set the record for the best indoor ski resort in the world for the sixth year in a row – is the ideal destination for visitors looking for a winter atmosphere where they can learn to ski using sleds or boards or play with penguins in the resort .. It also offers the Snowpark, which extends over an area of ​​4,500 square meters, in the “Ski Dubai” offers activities for skiing, tobogganing, inflatable balls, as well as other various games.

Visitors to the eco-dome “The Green Planet” can explore the atmosphere of tropical forests, home to more than 3,000 species of plants, animals and birds.

From its location in Mina Rashid, the Roll DX Dubai Lounge offers a unique experience that allows visitors to roller skate to the rhythm of classical melodies and provides lessons to learn the basic skills of skateboarding and skating movements. While “Motiongate Dubai” Park offers a world of fun for lovers of enthusiasm and excitement. It includes two unique roller coasters in the world.

Dubai also includes a number of water parks, including Aquaventure in Atlantis The Palm Hotel, Wild Wadi Arabian-style, Burj Al Arab, Jungle Bay and Laguna Water Park in La Mer, all of which include a number of water parks. wonderful games and water slides for visitors of all ages.

Eco-friendly travel experiences redefine the tourism sector as travelers become more familiar with the ecological footprint, encouraging them to choose safe and sustainable destinations that offer a range of authentic local experiences that put sustainability at the top of their priorities, providing visitors with different locations for recreation, dining and other experiences that fulfill their desires.

Dubai has many unique health and wellness destinations for travelers looking for destinations for recreation, rejuvenation and balance, as it offers many experiences that ensure well-being and relaxation and improve physical and mental health.