Emirates News Agency – “Dubai Roads” launches seasonal maritime transport network initiative


DUBAI, 7 June / WAM / The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has launched the “Seasonal Network” initiative, which is a study related to the establishment and development of a flexible seasonal network for maritime transport services characterized by institutional flexibility and agreements with the nature of the operating season and the many variables in the operation of the maritime transport network and the demand for its services.The topic includes the summer and winter period, the blessed month of Ramadan, holidays and events in the Emirate of Dubai.

Muhammad Abu Bakr Al-Hashemi, director of the maritime transport department of the Public Transport Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority, said: “We have started implementing this plan for the summer season, from 19 May this year, and benefit from big data that includes all information relating to maritime transport services, for example No. Statement of number of passengers, revenue and occupancy rates obtained in the smallest detail, which enriches service development studies and helps to significantly improve the efficiency of the network. ”

Al-Hashemi added: “The use of big data has provided more flexibility to prepare and implement the initiative for the seasonal network of maritime transport vehicles and to operate these funds with the necessary efficiency and accuracy in accordance with well-thought-out plans developed by authorities in this field and according to precise timetables based on best international practice in this field. ”

He pointed out that the method of studying this project included the use of the predictive analysis method to analyze data from the maritime transport network by predicting the effect of changes and the network’s flexibility on operating times and times of trips on the number of passengers, percentages of work and revenue and the number of passengers in maritime transport.

Al-Hashemi said: “The study for this project also included the development of internal algorithms:” Algorithms “, analysis and processing of big data from several sources and the development of a flexible operating plan for the maritime transport network that can be used in the analysis of future data also in this sector.

The Director of the Maritime Transport Department of the Hashemite Roads and Transport Authority summarized the results of the project and said: “We were able to establish and develop a flexible seasonal network for maritime transport services, characterized by institutional flexibility, the nature of the operating season and the many variables. in the operation of the maritime transport network and the demand for its services so that it is used in each season. In particular, the development of the initiative took into account not affecting the number of passengers and while reducing operating costs.

Wam / Salma Al Shamsi / Reda Abdel Nour