Emirates Mars Mission ‎ A UAEU team wins third place in the “Planet X ‎Exploration Challenge” ‎


Ain 6 January 2022 :
The United Arab
Emirates University team won the third ‎place
in the ” Planet X Challenge” competition, which was ‎organized
by the (Emirates Mars Mission in partnership ‎with
the Dubai Airshow. The UAEU team consists of 
4 ‎students:
Alia Mohammad Fairouz from the College of ‎Information
Technology, Mahra Al Muqbali from the ‎College
of Engineering, Raya Saeed Al Khateri, and Jawaher ‎Rashid
Al Nuaimi from the College of Science.‎

team participated in competitions and challenges by ‎accomplishing
five tasks set to explore the planet, from ‎designing
an UAV with a 3D printing system, and making a ‎presentation
on how it fits into the atmosphere of the ‎planet
and carrying out the assigned tasks on “Planet X”.  ‎These
tasks include transporting a box with samples from ‎the
planet and landing them on the “Heli Pad”. In the ‎second
stage of the competition, the UAEU team designed a ‎‎“robot”
using Ev3-kit technology, and created additional ‎accessories
to carry out specific tasks on the planet, ‎including
moving and loading rocks on “Planet X” and ‎many
other tasks.‎

UAEU team and competitors from the participating ‎universities
had to build an unmanned ground vehicle to ‎study
the surface of Planet X and find a sample collection ‎site
using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 according to different ‎programming
levels between high school and university ‎students.‎

robots must have sensors and engines, and teams have ‎five
minutes to complete a pilot simulation task without ‎any
support or assistance.‎

second challenge is to design an unmanned aerial ‎vehicle
to carry out exploration missions, using CAD Fusion ‎‎360
model program, to design and print the aircraft in a 3D ‎manner,
in addition to sharing a technical presentation on ‎its

Emirates Mars Mission, through the “Planet X ‎Exploration
Challenge” aims to inspire and motivate young ‎people’s
capabilities in space science, technology, ‎engineering
and mathematics. The multidisciplinary ‎competition
provides opportunities for young people to ‎engage
in an interesting experience to build a mission to ‎discover
a new planet, during a two-month period dedicated ‎to
designing and programming robots for space exploration, ‎in
order to contribute to the country’s scientific progress in ‎the
fields of space and aviation.‎