Egyptian actor, writer Ahmed Amin at 12th Sharjah


‘Writing for children is a great responsibility’: Egyptian actor, writer Ahmed Amin at 12th Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

The multifaceted artist calls for distinctive children’s content with strong ethical values at a cultural discussion held at Expo Centre Sharjah

In a lively, interactive session held at the 12th edition of Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF) at Expo Centre Sharjah, renowned Egyptian actor, Ahmed Amin, discussed children’s literature and art, and explored the relationship between acting, theatre, and books, amongst other topics.

Amin, the host of Al Plateau TV show, engaged in an open discussion with families and children who gathered in large numbers to hear the multifaceted artist share experiences of his extraordinarily rich career and his journey into becoming a children’s writer and comic artist as editor-in-chief of Saudi Arabia’s kids’ magazine, Bassem.

In the session moderated by Emirati journalist Shaikha Al Mutairi, Amin emphasised that great drama is subject to quality literature and books. He remarked that producing children’s series and TV shows requires exceptional efforts and expertise to remain faithful to the vivid and active imagination that children have.

Amin, who has written screenplays for several cartoon television series, said: “Children’s book writers must incorporate moral values and ethics in works that target young generations. Authors should spare no effort in instilling noble values in children. Hence, in my writing, I speak to children not only as an actor but also as a father.”

The eager, young audience expressed their admiration of the SCRF guest’s works and were curious about his career choices as an actor and writer of children’s books that have made him a household name in Arab homes. Replying to their queries, Ahmed Amin said: “My passion for acting and theatre started at a very young age. I believe that theatre allows you to express yourself differently and enables you to engage with a team of extremely talented and creative people. During my years at Bassem, I have also learnt that writing for children – be it books, magazines or TV scripts – is a great responsibility.”

Speaking of the market demand for commercially successful projects, the actor and writer said: “Today, we do not have enough high-quality children’s content to base our works on. Hence, we have to offer the right balance of content that is engaging and resonates well with the audience.”

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