Dubai’s transport authority to analyse how people commute for informed planning


The Emirati tech oasis of Dubai has been moving forward on the road to become a futuristic city by integrating innovative tech into its infrastructure, and the promise of a connected lifestyle has attracted expats as well as tourists to the city. With this the demand for a swift public transport system along with effective traffic management has also surfaced, and the city’s road transport authority has responded by integrating AI, computer vision and predictive tech, in order to facilitate smooth functioning of cabs, buses and metro trains.

The RTA in Dubai has been creating a buzz by bringing in smart solutions like control centres to predict and prevent traffic snarls, along with AI which can map out quicker bus routes. The organisation which has so far delivered excellence with digital transactions and electrification of Dubai’s roads, has now unveiled a system which can read the patterns followed by commuters, to help decision makers with better strategies for public transport.

During its stint at the GITEX tech week in the city, the road transport authority unveiled the Dubai in Motion solution, which can observe the mobility of residents on a daily basis, along with the mode of transport they use, to create models. This in turn will be used for coming up with scenarios which shed light on the preferences of Dubai’s commuters, to highlight their expectations.

Being aware of the way people prefer to find their way across the city, allows strategists to create plans which can help the public transport system in serving residents efficiently. It also takes the timings into account, for gauging the movement of commuters, and also compares mobility in the pre-pandemic era with numbers in the new normal.

The mechanism will also provide added information about the areas that have a high concentration of tourists, and will be instrumental for planning the future of public transport in Dubai.

Image: Shutterstock