Thursday, July 29, 2021

Dubai’s population crosses 3.4 million

Find out which are the most populated communities in the emirate

Dubai: Dubai’s population at the end of 2020 stood at 3,411,200 while during rush hours, the number of people in Dubai surged to 4,420,370.

As we mark World Population Day on Monday, here are some interesting facts about Dubai’s population revealed by the Dubai Statistics Centre.

Which are the most populated communities in Dubai?

According to DSC, Muhaisnah second (community no 264) has the highest number of population with 194,618 individuals representing 5.71 per cent of Dubai population. This community is followed by Al Quoz Industrial Area 2 (community no 365) with 160,517 individuals forming of 4.71 per cent of the emirate’s population.

Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1 (community no 599) comes in the third place with a population size of 147,777 individuals and a percentage of 4.33 preceding the Warsan 1 Area (community no 621) that has a population of 106,601 individuals and a percentage of 3.13.

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