Dubai’s new Covid-19 rules have been revealed


Slowly but surely

The updated precautionary measures for events and activities is as follows…

  • Masks and two metre social distancing rules are still mandatory
  • Wedding events can now have an attendance of 100 guests at venues and hotels. Attendees and staff must be vaccinated
  • Wedding events at home can have up to 30 attendees with precautionary measures to be observed
  • Entertainment venues can now have 70 per cent capacity, and hotels are now allowed 100 per cent occupancy
  • Permits are being issued for concerts and social events on the condition that attendees and participants are vaccinated
  • Community sports events are allowed. Spectators are able to watch so long as attendees, participants and staff have had the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Indoor events capacity has increased to 1,500. Outdoor events is up to 2,500
  • Restaurants can now have 10 people per table and cafes are up to 6 per table

Obviously, the ones who will benefit most from these slight rule changes will be the food and beverage, and hotel industries who just so happened to suffer more than most.

Overall, this is great news and shows the progress that Dubai is making in opening back up to the world again.