Dubai’s DIFC Academy launches digital campus to nurture Emirati talent for fintech


The role of e-learning globally and in the Middle East has become increasingly evident in the past year, helping students cope with restrictions that locked them indoors during the pandemic. At a time when schools are adapting to virtual tools for ensuring quality education in the new normal, digital learning portals have also started offering skill training for professionals seeking to improve their prospects.

The Emirates was well placed for unlocking virtual classrooms to students, thanks to a robust digital infrastructure, access to tech and high speed internet. Taking the country’s e-school push a step further, Dubai’s financial hub DIFC has partnered with British platform EdAid which funds education, to launch a digital campus.

DIFC Academy’s Future Campus plans to host 25000 students every year, and will be focusing primarily on courses in finance. Its offerings will include 400 programs which will provide degrees as well as material aimed to sharpen practical skills among Emirati students.

The aim of the initative is to prepare local talent in the UAE to join the workforce for a future driven by fintech, and it’ll also provide mentorship to emerging Emirati finance pros. In addition to enhanced access to online networking, the students will also find internships and job opportunities at 2500 firms which function out of DIFC.

Identifying the scope for growth beyond financial knowhow, DIFC Academy and EdAid will also provide courses designed for cyber security, AI and data analytics. The Future Campus is being touted as a digital co-working and co-study ecosystem for young talent.

The push for edtech powered higher education comes as several Emirati cities have opted for complete e-learning amid rising infections in the country. Over the past year, authorities have also encouraged online classes through incentives like getting telcos to provide free mobile internet for families with children who attend virtual lessons.

Previously, UAE’s focus on cultivating innovators of the future has been clear from academic breakthroughs that include the world’s first AI university in Abu Dhabi.

Image: Shutterstock