Dubai TV and Sama Dubai introduce Ramadan line-up in MENA


Dubai TV and Samaa Dubai have introduced their Ramadan line-up, which is scheduled to air from the beginning of Ramadan.

The two channels will offer a mixed bag of high-octane Egyptian dramas in addition to Emirati comedies, quiz shows as well as the local animated series Shaabiat Al Cartoon.

The shows scheduled to broadcast on both the channels include the Egyptian thriller Harb Al Ahliya starring Youssra and Bassel Khaiat, which is about fraught family dynamics. Abandoned as a child, a savvy businesswoman (Jamila Awad) unexpectedly meets her mother and their subsequent relationship is nothing less than rocky.

Shaabiat Al, the popular animated series also returns for its 15th season with its blend of humour and cutting social commentary. Shaabiat, a word that means “rural neighbourhood” in Arabic, follows the lives of a group of families and individuals living in a small Dubai neighbourhood. Each episode focuses on different individuals and their quirky troubles.

Other shows include Al Mandoos, Al raawi, Wa Anna Ahebak Ba’ad, and Al Namoos among others.

Source: BroadcastPro Me