• The new initiativewill highlight ways residents and visitors can incorporate sustainable practicesthroughglobally recognised sustainability days of the year
  • Sustainability is a key pillar of the “Year of the 50th” campaign,taking place to commemorate the UAE’s golden jubilee celebrations
  • Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) is part of Dubai Tourism aimed to further Dubai’s position as one of the world’s leading sustainable tourism destinations

Dubai, UAE;22 May 2021: Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST)part of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism)  to further Dubai’s position as one of the world’s leading sustainable tourism destinations, launches ‘Get into the Green Scene’. The initiative is aimedat Dubai residents and visitors to raise awareness of the city’s sustainable attractions and highlight the ease of incorporating sustainable practices into everyday life.

The launch of the‘Get into the Green Scene’ initiative includes a sustainability calendar, featuringa series of environmental days throughout the yearand ways in which people can engage within the theme of that calendar day. Included are simple,but fun,eco-consciousactions that promote the city’s natural spaces and hidden gems, as well as spotlights advocacy organisations, partner and stakeholdersthat are working towards a more sustainable planet.

This initiative is just one example of DST bringing together public and private entities to further strengthen the city’s positioning as a forward-thinking, world class destination for sustainable tourism. Moreover, it is also aligned with the recent announcement from HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE on the “Year of the 50th” campaign, where sustainability is one of four strategic pillars that will advance the country, support wellbeing and livelihood as well asproactive development and opportunities. DST is well-placed to drive these objectives forward successfully through its strong partnership network across the city.

YousufLootah, Vice Chairman of Dubai Sustainable Tourism,commented on the launch of the initiative: “We are very proud to launchthe ‘Get into the Green Scene’, which promotes the ease in which visitors and residentscanembrace sustainability-minded behaviours. It also highlights the breadth of work that is being done across Dubai by our partners and stakeholders to ensure a positive impact on our environment as well as ways in whichwe can work together in support. Often the magnitude of what sustainability entails can be overwhelming, which is why we aim to simplify understanding with actionfor this initiative to make it more manageable and tangible to people of all ages.”

The ‘Get into the Green Scene’ sustainability calendar is available to downloadhere and covers eight environmental, wildlife and eco-tourism days over 2021.

‘Get into the Green Scene’ Days

Every step taken in the right direction, has to start from somewhere.In honour of one of the most popular sustainable days of the year, there is no more fitting time to ‘Get into the Green Scene’ than on the heels of Earth Day 2021. Under Earth Day’s theme – Restore Our Earth, we can all move to action and ‘Get into the Green Scene’ throughout the yearto raiseawareness on climate issues, our environmental impact, and sustainability.

This dayencourages individuals to plant trees to promote ecological balance and reduce carbon levels. Make a pledge to support the UAE’s national tree preservation efforts with Goumbook’s‘Give a Ghaf’ tree planting programme.

Bee preservation is a critical part of food security measures around the world, with a third of the world’s food productiondepending on them. Celebrate these little pollinators and discover their home-grown contributions at theHoneybee Garden & Discovery Center in Hatta.

  • 3 June: World Bike Day

Bicycles are an affordable and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, and this World Bike Day, there’s no better way to take advantage of Dubai’s vast bicycle infrastructure, than with an honorary ride. Whether you are a novice or professional rider, get outside and be active as we celebrate cycling for health, and also as a sustainable alternative to motor vehicles. Hire a bike and hit some of the cities most famous tracks, including:Al Qudra Cycle Track, Nad Al Sheba Park andHatta Mountain Biking.

  • 3 July: Plastic Free Bag Day

Plastic pollution is worldwide problem and the reduction of single-use plastics is high on the global priorities list. Be a part of the solution on this day and say, ‘no’ to plastic bagswhere possible. Challenge yourself to a larger commitment andreplace single-use plastic bottles, straws and food containers. Support local-based brands,The Green Ecostoreor The Green Camelwho offer a variety of eco-friendly plastic alternatives.

  • 18 September: International Coastal Clean-Up Day

Dubai’s pristine coastlines play a pivotal role in bringing visitors and locals together for day of ‘fun in the sun’ however, these diverse marine ecosystems are also interconnected to the city’s culture and identity. Get involved in protectingour national treasures so they can be enjoyed by future generations. Join the Emirates Environmental Group’s annual ‘Clean Up UAE’ campaign to remove waste and preserve Dubai’s beaches and waterways.

  • 4 October: World Animal Day

Release the animal-lover inside of you on a day aimedat raising awareness and providing a better future for all animals. With an abundance of wildlife, spend the day celebratingoryx, gazelle and camels,species that are nativeto the UAE. Admire these animals in their natural habitats at Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, or enjoy spotting over 170 types of birds at Al Qudra Lakes.

  • 11 December: International Mountain Day

With mountains home to 15% of the world’s population and host to half of the world’s biodiversity, this day is all about spotlighting how important these natural resources are. Spend an adventurous day at Hatta, Dubai’s biggest hidden gem, where you will be surrounded by all the splendour of the Al Hajarmountains. Take your family, or grab a friend and hike a trail, ride a mountain bike, go on a horseback ride, or simply revel in beautiful landscape in appreciation of these natural wonders on International Mountain Day.   

The public, stakeholders and partners are encouraged to share their participation in ‘Get into the Green Scene’ on social and digital channels through the hashtag #DubaiGreenScene.

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