Friday, June 25, 2021

Dubai Sports Council encourages people to join the ‘Everyone is Responsible for Everyone’ initiative

While the Covid-19 cases have been relatively brought under control in Dubai due to the increasing number of vaccinations, in another announcement, the Dubai Sports Council has also launched a new initiative to urge people to get vaccinated.

The new initiative –‘Everyone is Responsible for Everyone’ has been launched to encourage individuals to complete their two doses of COVID-19 vaccines in return for free access to some of Dubai’s top fitness centres and sports halls.

The initiative has been launched in collaboration with some of Dubai’s top fitness centres like Gold’s Gym, Fitness First, The Warehouse, Fitness 360, The Sevens, Just Play, and Zabeel Ladies Club among others which will commence from May 3 and continue until May 13.

Vaccinated individuals have to produce a COVID-19 vaccination certificate approved by the Ministry of Health or the Dubai Health Authority in order to get access to some of these gyms in the city.

Being healthy and fit has been one of the main goals since the inception of the pandemic, more so now than ever. Thus, to encourage members of the community to embrace a physically active lifestyle, through proper guidance from some of the fitness industry’s biggest names, the initiative has been taken into consideration. Moreover, the initiative will also reward all the members of the community who have received their full dose of COVID-19 vaccines.

With the announcement of the initiative, clubs, gyms and fitness centres participating in the drive will be opening their doors for free, starting from May 3 for two weeks for individuals to get the hang of various fitness-related activities.

By launching this initiative in collaboration with the private sector, the Dubai Sports Council believes in the private sector’s role in supporting development efforts and the health and happiness of all members of society through sport. The council also seeks to spread the culture of sports and a physically active lifestyle by working alongside different government and private entities and encouraging these institutions to join its community initiatives.

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