Dubai retains status as world’s busiest international airport in Dec..


Dubai International (DXB) retained its status as the world’s busiest international airport in December with 3.542 million seats, according to the UK-based global travel data provider OAG. Dubai is far ahead of the second-ranked London’s Heathrow Airport with over a million more seating capacity. Heathrow airport recorded 2.5 million seats while third-ranked Amsterdam airport had 2.42 million seats last month. DXB returned to 100 per cent operational capacity in mid-December with all terminals, concourses, lounges, restaurants, and retail outlets operating after the opening of the final phase of Concourse A at Terminal 3, which was expected to serve more than 1.6 million passengers in the second half of December in the peak seasonal travel period. var width=document.documentElement.clientWidth;if(width>=320&&width=320&&d