Dubai princess who claimed she was being held hostage appears in Instagram photo


A photograph posted on social media Saturday shows a Dubai princess who claimed that she was being held against her will and feared for her life, according to a report.

Princess Latifa, a daughter of the ruler of Dubai, told the BBC earlier this year that she was being held hostage in the United Arab Emirates.

In the photograph, published by the news service, the princess appears with two other women at a shopping mall. A friend of Latifa told the BBC that the photo, which appeared on two public Instagram accounts this week, is that of the princess.

The UN declined to comment on the appearance of the photograph but has told the BBC that it is awaiting “convincing proof” that Latifa is alive that the UAE has said it will provide.

In a February broadcast, the BBC aired images from a secret phone belonging to Princess Latifa, who had tried to escape from Dubai in 2018.