Dubai Municipality Observes Earth Day 2021 with Virtual Art Exhibition


Dubai Municipality celebrated Earth Day, which falls on 22 April every year, under the slogan ‘Restore Our Earth’, by holding a virtual art exhibition on the Microsoft Teams platform.

This annual event aims to raise awareness on environmental issues in society and how to preserve the planet earth and natural resources in the environment. The Municipality’s participation in Earth Day highlights the UAE’s efforts and the contributions to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Dubai Municipality, in cooperation with art4u gallery, organized the virtual art exhibition that allows visitors to see a variety of arts that embody the environmental aspect through paintings, 3D plastic art, digital art, and photography.

The exhibition aims to encourage the public to endorse ecotourism that promotes the efforts to preserve sustainability and protect the environment, as well as highlighting the Municipality’s keenness in educating society in general and the emerging generations in particular through entertaining educational initiatives that contribute to inculcating the concepts and habits of protecting and preserving the environmental heritage for future generations.

The virtual art exhibition witnessed the participation of 46 artists from various artistic fields from various countries of the world, with a total of 70 artworks aimed at highlighting the importance of preserving the earth and the earth’s treasures of water, minerals and soil, as well as the importance of communicating with nature without draining it or destroying it. 

The virtual art exhibition witnessed the participation of 46 artists

A virtual panel discussion was also organized on this year’s theme of Earth Day, ‘Restore Our Earth’. The linkage of art with the environment was highlighted, and the possibility of raising the level of environmental awareness of society through various arts. The seminar witnessed a number of specialists in various artistic fields to enhance the importance of preserving natural resources surrounding us through art in a positive way and discussing some environmental solutions that individuals can adopt to protect environmental resources.

Dubai Municipality is keen to spread the culture of environmental awareness to enhance the preservation of the quality of the elements of the environment in the emirate and the upgrading of the environment. The Municipality also seeks to achieve a balance between the sustainability of natural resources and the achievement of sustainable development goals, as well as preserving the environmental balance and protecting natural life, which contributes to enriching and supporting ecotourism in the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Municipality seeks to provide all the requirements that contribute to enhancing the preservation of the earth and communicating with nature, through: the environmental monitoring system, which contributes to the preservation of nature and the work on environmental research to overcome the challenges of the phenomenon of climate change; monitoring natural reserves and the movement of different creatures through monitoring devices to track their movement and provide a safe haven for them when visiting protected areas; monitoring the sources of soil pollution and preparing and implementing plans to protect it from pollution; monitoring groundwater in the emirate and developing programs to protect it from depletion; planning, monitoring and managing coasts and providing sites for activities that are practiced on the beaches such as providing playgrounds and beach libraries, round the clock rescue patrols, along with setting up programs for beach safety, protecting wildlife and the marine environment such as fish and other marine creatures from pollution sources and assessing fish stocks to preserve the fish wealth in the emirate.

The exhibition aims to encourage the public to endorse ecotourism that promotes the efforts to preserve sustainability and protect the environment

Dubai Municipality’s efforts also include organizing environmental events to celebrate various global and local environmental occasions during the year, in addition to organising environmental programs and competitions, launching fish and turtle campaigns and planting mangroves in the reserves, as well as measuring the level of environmental awareness and behaviour of different segments of the society and analyzing the results and causes.

The Municipality organises awareness activities and programs necessary to raise the level of environmental awareness in the emirate, prepares and issues environmental awareness materials to increase community awareness on various environmental issues, and launches environmental education programs for all governmental and private institutions that focus on ecotourism, which aims to raise the level of environmental awareness of the local environment and best practices in the field of the environment.