Dubai Municipality launches My Food Initiative


Dubai MunicipalityDubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality launched My Food initiative, which stems from the Municipality’s efforts to promote digital transformation in its systems and services related to food safety, and to automate it to keep pace with technical development in this field, in addition to saving time and effort of customers and ensuring the provision of Food Safety Department services according to the finest and best international standards.

My Food initiative depends on the digitization and automation of a number of basic operations in the food safety system, which were carried out through millions of records and documents carried out by more than 20,000 food establishments in the Emirate of Dubai.

The initiative aims to enhance the satisfaction of Food Safety Department customers by providing integrated services with the concerned authorities. It reduces the cost of providing the service, in addition to contributing to reducing the environmental impact by limiting paper consumption.

It is considered the first digital transformation journey in the world undertaken by a regulatory authority in order to enhance food safety in the Emirate of Dubai.

The food safety program in Dubai aims to protect consumers by ensuring the safety of food handled, which amounts to more than 7.9 million tons of food and 3 billion meals consumed by 3.3 million residents and 20 million tourists annually.

It ensures access to safe and healthy food that is being produced and traded in more than 20,000 licensed food establishments in Dubai by obtaining the necessary permits before engaging in food activities.

In addition, the program works on enhancing the knowledge efficiency of food handlers and qualifying them in the field of food safety and the use of safe and approved food transportation, which contributed to achieving a level of customers’ trust and satisfaction with services by 96.5%.

28 January 2022