Dubai Model Elvira Jain Shares 5 Diet&Workout Secrets to Achieve A Summer-Ready Body


#2 – Diet is key

Nutrition, a.k.a a summer body diet counts for 80% of your progress when getting in shape, and that leaves exercise with 20%. Most people are shocked by this, but it’s true!

You can do 1,000 push ups, but you won’t lose much body fat if you go and eat everything you can afterwards. With our help you’ll know how to get a summer body fast, and how to maintain it!

I normally followed a 3-meal or 5-meal per day plan; with the 3 meals per day plan, you would have a cup size of yoghurt or porridge etc. for breakfast, a cup of fruit added to this, and possibly a dash of flaked almonds (a source of fibre).

You would then have a cooked meal for dinner with a fist-sized portion of the three recommended food groups, and then something similar for dinner.

You may even have a whole grain sandwich with a cup of veg or salad, then some fruit on the side. The point is that your portion of each food group shouldn’t be much more than a cup serving.

With the 5 meals per day approach when coaching yourself on how to get a summer body, you would decrease these meals by a third of their size, and then add in 2-3 snacks that were palm-sized.

You may have a palmful of nuts, two small boiled eggs and some spinach, and a palmful of carrot sticks or celery as your snacks for the day.