Dubai meets 98% of its paperless strategy targets


Dubai’s paperless strategy has met 98.86% of its goals of digitizing government transactions across all participating government entities, Digital Dubai revealed at a press conference at GITEX Global 2021.

A total of 43 Dubai government entities participating in the strategy have successfully digitized their internal and external processes. Together, they offer more than 1,800 digital services and have more than 10,500 key processes.

This new achievement is in line with the strategic goals of the government of Dubai to make the emirate a digital capital of the world, boost government productivity, ensure optimal consumption of resources, digitize procedures and services and promote the customer happiness.

At the heart of the Strategy and the entire digital transformation project is government integration, which has led to a notable shift towards the automation of procedures and services.

These, in turn, saved a total of 331 million sheets of paper that would otherwise have been used for transactions, reducing costs by over 1.3 billion dirhams and saving over 14 million d government-wide working hours. From an environmental perspective, the Strategy has saved over 39,000 trees that would otherwise have been used to produce paper.

The conference was attended by Abdulla Al Basti, Secretary General of the Dubai Executive Council; Hamad Al Mansoori, Managing Director of Digital Dubai; and Wesam Lootah, CEO of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment, as well as officials and representatives of participating government entities.

“Dubai takes another important step in its quest to digitize all aspects of life in the emirate, guided by the ambitious vision of its leaders and clear goals to ensure Dubai has a fully digital government of by December 2021, where all transactions will be 100% paperless, ”said Al Mansoori.

Lootah noted, “The roadmap defined by Dubai’s paperless strategy has led to many notable achievements, ranging from completely reengineering operations to promoting the widespread use of digital identity and electronic signature services. . It helped create an integrated and interconnected network, popularized the use of government resource planning systems, and fueled the development of digital legislation.

Dubai’s paperless strategy facilitates and streamlines government transactions, limits the use of paper in customer transactions or between Dubai government employees, and designs 100% paperless experiences available on the DubaiNow app, which includes all city ​​services divided into 12 main categories.

The strategy is expected to be implemented across all Dubai government entities by December 2021 in order to digitize key government departments.