Dubai Land Department expands ‘Smart Valuation’ process to include buildings, villas


DUBAI – Dubai Land Department (DLD) has strengthened the scope of its innovative “Smart Valuation” initiative by launching the second phase that includes buildings and villas.

The initiative was launched during DLD’s participation in UAE Innovates 2021 week, under the slogan ‘We innovate for a new reality’, during which it highlighted a number of its smart projects and initiatives.

The initiative, which was launched in September 2020 to cover real estate units in the first phase, is the first-of-its-kind globally. Since its launch, around 1,700 units were valuated, with 100 percent customer happiness and valuation accuracy, according to DLD’s survey.

Within the framework of the initiative’s second phase, all villa and building valuations will be immediate, and the procedure will not be presented to the valuation committee, which will be reflected in the improvement and acceleration of customer experience.

The initiative uses artificial intelligence in the smart valuation process in line with DLD’s approach to adopt innovation as a cornerstone for shaping and anticipating the future. Thanks to this project, DLD contributes to improving the quality, efficiency and readiness of smart government services to keep pace with future requirements and meet society’s needs, in addition to simplifying procedures and reducing the time taken to implement the valuation process.

The smart valuation process, whether for real estate units, villas or buildings, is available on the Dubai REST smart app. DLD’s customers can download the app via the App Store and Google Play to benefit from the service.

Conducting the valuation is handled through Dubai REST, starting with establishing the type of user, determining the means of entry, submitting the ID number, and receiving an SMS with the verification number. Once all the data of the owner and that of the owned real estate appears, the user would select the property to be valuated for its data to be displayed.

After that, all the required documents must be submitted and the fees paid through the Noqodi wallet; a confirmation of the payment process will be generated. The process concludes with the delivery of the valuation certificate to the customer.

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