Dubai Health Authority drops three-month wait period to get COVID-19 vaccination


Amidst all the gloom-ridden days of COVID-19, a ray of good news brightens for the people of Dubai as they no longer have to wait for the vaccines.

According to the authorities, Emiratis who have contracted Covid-19 need not wait for three months before getting the vaccine. Sharing the news, Dubai Health Authority (DHS) said that patients only need to complete their mandatory isolation period to qualify for the jab —provided the infection was mild or non-symptomatic.

As part of an expansion of the eligibility criteria for the vaccine, the vaccine will now permit women who are breastfeeding as well as those planning to conceive – to be injected against the virus using the Pfizer-BioNTech jab. A routine pregnancy test is no longer recommended now prior to receiving the vaccine. Additionally, women need not avoid pregnancy after getting both the doses of the vaccination.

Women who are breastfeeding can take the COVID-19 vaccination unless she has any medical issues such as contradiction to the vaccination to the vaccine or any of the vaccine components.

Explaining the criteria, the chairperson of the COVID-19 vaccination steering committee said, “Any patient who had an active COVID-19 infection must wait until the completion of the isolation period to be vaccinated. If the infection was moderate or severe and required hospitalisation, the timeframe for vaccination after infection will depend upon the decision of the medical team that treated the patient.

“However, all mild cases or cases without symptoms can take the vaccine after completing the isolation period,” she further added.

Image: Shutterstock