Dubai Customs completes 752 declarations for Expo 2020


DUBAI, (Pakistan Point News – 04th Apr, 2021) Dubai Customs today reveal that the government department has completed 752 declarations for Expo 2020 since 2014.

Goods cleared for the exhibition between 2014 and 2021 valued AED637.3 million (AED632.3 of imports through 628 declarations, and AED5 million for exports through 124 declarations). Expo goods weighed 11.8k tonnes (11.6k tonnes for imports and 186.7 tonnes for exports), according to Dubai Customs latest figures.

“Dubai Customs provides world-class services to expo participants and exhibitors,” said Abdullah Mohammed Al Khaja, Executive Director of Clients Management Division at Dubai Customs. “We have launched 24 initiatives in support of this grand event, and we completed integration process will other government partners to ensure a pleasant and unforgettable experience for all participants and visitors. The customs clearance guide of Expo 2020 has been approved as an Authorized Economic Operator.”

Al Khaja added that hosting Expo 2020 will add great value to the national economy and contribute to a sustainable development as envisioned by the wise leadership.

“These projects will help raise Dubai’s profile as a world class cosmopolitan and a global hub of trade, tourism and travel. For this, we provided the best services to the participants of expo so that they register and clear their goods in a very short time.”

“Exhibitors can register online without a need to visit customs centers. Dubai Customs will do all requirements needed for the expansion of Al Maktoum Airport. We equipped the airport with 13 new inspection systems and highly qualified cadres to ensure this vital airport is well prepared for the international event,” he went on to say.

Along the same line, Mohammed Issa al Ansari, Spokesman for Expo 2020 Dubai and Vice-President of Communications said, “The outstanding initiatives and the great support introduced by our partners including Dubai Customs will be the main catalysts to raise Expo 2020 to be the most distinctive edition in expo history. All these achievements in hosting the grand event reflects the UAE’s impressive capability, represented by its government and private entities in cooperation with its partners around the world, of finding practical and creative solutions to major challenges in fulfilment of expo theme: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”

Dubai Customs developed procedures of temporary entry for goods, which will be exhibited in Expo 2020 in accordance with the regulations implemented in the country. These goods and materials are not subject to any customs duties within the period of their stay in Dubai.

Dubai Customs developed a dedicated customs channel to help with the clearance of expo shipments in short time, enabling exhibitors to clear their shipments online using their smart devices.