Dubai Culture celebrates International Museum Day

  • Dubai Culture celebrates International Museum Day
  • Providing free entry to the Authority’s museums.

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) annually celebrates International Museum Day on 18 May. During this year’s celebration under the theme ‘The Future of Museums: Recover and Recreate’, the Authority is providing free entry to its museums across Dubai, affirming the importance of museums as important cultural edifices that connect society members with the rich history and heritage of the UAE, consolidating their connection with the country’s past, and enriching them with its inherent values and traditions.

The world annually celebrates International Museum Day to celebrate the importance of these edifices in spreading knowledge, science and human heritage, all of which contribute to the development and prosperity of societies in terms of civilised development and enlightening minds.

Muna Faisal Algurg, Director of the Museums Department and Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Culture & Heritage Sector at Dubai Culture, affirmed the importance of commemorating International Museum Day to raise awareness among society members of the importance of museums as pioneering cultural and educational destinations.

Algurg stressed the Authority’s commitment to the continuous development of the emirate’s museums and upgrading the visitor experience by providing quality services, following the best specialised international practices, and developing various programmes aimed at strengthening the position of museums as vital hubs for the exchange of knowledge and cultural dialogue for the Emirati community and global audiences. She affirmed that the Authority’s initiative to grant the public free access to Dubai Culture’s museums on International Museum Day will provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy unique tours that would enrich their knowledge of the UAE’s rich heritage.

Dubai Culture celebrates the emirate’s rich heritage and ancient past, preserving, protecting and transmitting it across generations and granting everyone access to it. By celebrating the emirate’s rich cultural heritage, the Authority also seeks to consolidate Dubai’s position as the largest intellectual meeting place for various cultures in the region.

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