Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Week 2021 will focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace – Dubai Blog


The Dubai Chamber of Commerce Responsible Business Center will host the annual 2021 Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Week between the 14thday To 18day Various events will be held during the week of November to raise awareness of the best practices and business and social benefits of adopting a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Will be held virtually under the theme Celebrate diversity and inclusion, and build an inclusive workplace, The one-week event is designed to help companies further strengthen their capabilities to take advantage of the diversity and inclusive potential of the workplace.

Some of the main activities of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Week in 2021 include: CEO dialogue, focusing on how companies can develop more inclusive strategies and practices to promote feasible diversity and inclusive practices and initiatives in the workplace. This event will have roundtable discussions on the challenges and opportunities faced by companies that adopt this approach, as well as discussions involving public and private sector stakeholders. They will study the role of technologies and tools that can help companies improve their Inclusiveness of organizational culture.

Dr. Belaid Rettab, Chief Economist and Senior Director of Economic Research and Sustainable Business Development of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, said that the Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Week aims to strengthen cooperation between companies and key stakeholders and encourage companies to understand how other industry participants are doing Success in these areas. Make diversity and inclusiveness part of its organizational culture.

He pointed out that the theme of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Week is consistent with the Dubai Expo 2020, which aims to connect ideas and cultures from all over the world and share knowledge and best practices on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development issues.