Dubai Autodrome completes AED 16.5 million Business Park Phase 2…


Autodrome, the UAE’s premier multi-purpose motorsport and entertainment facility,
has announced the completion of its AED 16.5 million Business Park phase 2 project that includes seven warehouse units, each of which measures 4,844
square feet.  Spanning over a total area
of 65,000 square feet, the expansion project of the already existing 12-unit phase 1 project will help bolster
Dubai Autodrome’s position as a premier motorsport and motoring
venue in the Middle East.

Business Park phase 2 features all
the required amenities to help business owners run smooth and uninterrupted
operations. These include round-the-clock security, 24/7 maintenance, and waste
management services in compliance with Dubai Autodrome’s sustainability goals.
Also, the Park is distinguished by its strategic location and proximity to the racetrack,
which makes it an ideal environment for all entities within the automotive

Since its
establishment in 2004, Dubai Autodrome has attracted millions of people to its
venue to enjoy its motorsport and lifestyle events while providing a safe venue
to hold adrenaline-filled activities for motorsports enthusiasts. The Business
Park expansion project will enhance business-to-business relations within the
community and help drive further national and international commerce activities
to Dubai.

Faisal Al
Sahlawi, General Manager, Dubai Autodrome, said: “Dubai Autodrome, along with
Union Properties PJSC, has successfully created a new motoring hub for various
communities to use as their business home. Over the past years, the Autodrome has
evolved into a base that caters to the various
needs of the automotive and motorsport community.

Bert Grogor, Senior Commercial Manager, Dubai Autodrome,
said: “The completion of phase 2 has helped consolidate our position as the Motorsport and Motoring hub of the United Arab Emirates. With phase
2 already fully occupied, it proves that Motor City is fast becoming the
favorite hub in Dubai among residents and business owners alike.”

Following the success of the first two phases, Dubai Autodrome
Business Park phase 3 is already in its planning stages and will incorporate
modular type of units to meet the needs and expectations of customers.