Monday, October 18, 2021

“Dubai Ambulance” and “Thank you for your giving” honor 50 distinguished people on Volunteer Day

  • Distinguished volunteers during their honoring.

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The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and the “Thank you for your volunteer giving” team organized an initiative entitled “Fifty Golden Fingerprints in cooperation with the Arab Volunteering Federation”, which aims to honor 50 distinguished volunteers, from 50 volunteer teams at the state level, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Federation of the United Arab Emirates United Nations, and the Arab Volunteer Day.

The sponsor of the initiative, Dr. Salem bin Rakkad Al Ameri, said that this occasion embodies the value of volunteering and the importance of instilling this culture in the hearts of different generations, drawing inspiration from a unique and great experience from the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, in promoting the culture of volunteerism in Society, as it represents a basic and important tributary in its development and advancement, because it represents one of the most prominent aspects of solidarity and cohesion in our society, which reflects the extent of their adherence to the principles and values ​​associated with national identity.

The Director of the Training and Continuing Education Department – Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Dr. Suhaila Qaid, indicated that volunteer work in society spreads the spirit of cooperation and solidarity, and enhances the values ​​of altruism and giving, so that volunteering has become a large degree of our practices, based on the great desire of volunteers to respond with The various initiatives, which represent an honorable image of the Emirati society, which has dazzled the world with many voluntary experiences in many societal fields.

The Head of the Volunteer Management Division at the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Manal Al Ali, stated that this honor is a thank you and appreciation to the 50 volunteers for the efforts made in giving, which serve the community and the country, and we appreciate in Dubai Ambulance these golden imprints of giving to good, from different teams. Volunteerism, because our mission as volunteers expresses the love of this country, and a response to its unlimited giving.

The head of the “Thank you for your giving” team, Saif Al-Rahman Amir, stressed that volunteering has become a prevalent culture in the Emirati society, and through it came many important initiatives that provide community services in various relief, health, educational, environmental, cultural and other fields.

Badria Juma Al Hosani, Head of Ghaya Volunteer Team, described the occasion as a new opportunity to promote the culture of volunteerism, raise awareness of the importance of volunteer work, achieve social cohesion and solidarity, and encourage young people to participate in community service.

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