Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise reports business transactions update for 2020

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) has reported its business transactions update for the full year 2020 for its aircraft leasing division, DAE Capital.

The number of new underwriting aircraft purchase commitments in the full year 2020 was 55 aircraft (owned: 38; managed: 17) and the number of acquired aircraft was 38 (owned: 23; managed: 15).

DAE sold 28 aircraft during 2020 (owned: 14; managed: 14) and signed lease agreements and extensions for 125 aircraft (owned: 109; managed: 16). The fleet size (owned, managed, committed and mandated to manage) at the end of 2020 stood at 425 aircraft.

Owned fleet utilization (at year-end 2020) was 98.2%, the owned fleet average age was 6.2 years and the average lease term remaining was 6.6 years.

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