DJ Khaled goes big with promotions in Dubai for his new album ‘Khaled Khaled’


It is not every day that fans of DJ Khaled in the UAE get to see him on a huge billboard in the city. Well, this time it is not just him, but also his sons who are going to share the billboard space along with their father as he comes up with a new music album.

The US-Palestinian producer DJ Khaled recently released his 12th album ‘Khaled Khaled,’ executively produced by his two sons, on April 30 which features his two sons. The music producer who is excited about his album is promoting it huge as his promotion will be projected onto the InterContinental Dubai Festival City hotel.

Taking to his social media, the music sensation wrote “ALBUM 100% DONE! IT’S TIME”, along with a video that is being promoted on the large billboard. He also wrote, “I TOLD MY TEAM LETS PUSH THE BUTTON! #KHALEDKHALED THIS FRIDAY APRIL 30TH! 🤲🏽🌞🔑 SO YOU KNOW IM SERIOUS IM POSTING THE COVER NEXT!!”

The makers also confirmed the plans to play one of the new tracks in Dubai Festival City’s water fountain during the Eid break.

In the following post, Khaled revealed the cover of the album which features the DJ with his sons, Asahd, 4, and Aalam, 1 where he is seen kneeling down on a prayer mat with his hands raised up.

The Dubai promotions are one of the biggest for the music sensation as it is a part of a global marketing campaign for one of this year’s biggest hip-hop albums, including a billboard of the album cover in DJ Khaled’s home city of Miami.

As the music producer is excited for his album to make a buzz in the Middle East, it is not the first time the region got involved in DJ Khaled’s campaign. Previously he recorded a video for the release of 2019’s ‘Father of Asahd’ in the midst of a private jet paying tribute to his Middle Eastern heritage and fans.

Image: Shutterstock