DelicEUs Fruits – European fresh fruits travel to Dubai, UAE


On May 26th, 2021, at 19:00, the event of the European Project “DelicEUs Fruits- EUROPEAN FRESH FRUITS” took place at the Plaza Ballroom 20th floor of Radisson Blu Hotel in Dubai, UAE. A large number of guests attended this presentation event, including people from various business industries of Seoul such as Logistics, Transport, Media, Advertising and Food. They had the opportunity to learn more about the quality and the nutritional value of the European fresh fruits, apple – kiwi – peach – nectarine and cherry, that produced in Greece.

The event started with a welcome speech by Mrs. Konstantina Bouman, Export Development Consultant, who presented the objectives and key actions of the European project “DelicEUs Fruits” in Dubai.

Then, the guest chef Uwe gave a tasting presentation on the fruits, apple – kiwi – peach, nectarine, and cherry. After that, the guest nutritionist Mrs. Victoria Tipper talked about the characteristics of apple – kiwi – peach – cherry, as

well as the nutritional value of fresh fruits in our daily diet.

The event closed with a cooking show and a dinner, at the restaurant of Radisson Hotel, where the menu included delicious dishes of Greek cuisine.

“DelicEUs Fruits” is a European financed campaign that aims to promote the European fresh fruits in the markets of S.Arabia, U.A.E and Argentina. The objectives of the Project are to provide information on the benefits, the high standards applied to the production methods and the characteristics of fresh apples, kiwis, peaches, nectarines and cherries, that stand out for their quality and taste.”

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