Monday, August 2, 2021

Deep Dive Dubai: The deepest pool in the world is now open

The Deep Dive Dubai pool is full of 14 million gallons of fresh water – the volume of six Olympic-sized pools – and is at least four times larger than any other diving pool in the world. Guinness admitted it “Deepest pool for diving“title on June 27.

The water temperature is maintained at 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), a comfortable temperature for wearing a thin wetsuit or swimsuit.

The facility offers both diving and freediving.

Deep diving in Dubai

Sunken city and underwater movie studio

The indoor pool is inside a 1,500-square-foot oyster-shaped building that nodded the history of the United Arab Emirates as a pearl-diving nation.

But Deep Dive Dubai’s biggest star is without a doubt an underwater city by the pool. Divers can explore the “abandoned” sunken townhomes and play in the underwater pool in the arcade. Inside the pool, state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems are installed to create different moods.

The pool also serves as an underwater film studio – the largest of its kind in the area. Media editing space is available at a nearby facility.

Deep Dive Dubai offers courses for both diving beginners and certified divers. Divers can also explore the pool and underwater city themselves after the tour, along with site diving guides.

About 56 cameras are installed around the pool to ensure the safety of divers at every angle. It also features the region’s most advanced 12 bar overpressure chamber in an emergency.

“There are quite a few deep diving pools in the world, but this is much more interesting,” Jarrod Jablonski, director of Deep Dive Dubai, told CNN. “It’s not just the deepest and biggest, but the impact of the sunken city makes it the next world order.

“There are so many things that it’s really not fair to call it a swimming pool.”

The world’s deepest indoor pool opens onto Deep Dive Dubai

Have you really played foosball if you’ve never played it underwater?

Deep diving in Dubai

Don’t visit the top of the Burj Khalifa right after Deep Dive Dubai

The diving complex also has a restaurant with large windows and TV screens, allowing non-diving families and friends to watch the dry land.

And if you forget the depth of the pool, Deep Dive Dubai has posted a notice on its website for those planning to visit the city’s famous Burj Khalifa later.

“Don’t visit the top of the skyscraper after the dive,” it says.

“After each dive, it is recommended to wait 18-24 hours before ascending to an altitude of more than 300 meters (1000 feet). However, there is no danger in diving once you have visited the tallest building in the world.”


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