Crown Prince of Ajman: The journey of cultural communication between the countries of the world met on the land of the Emirates


Visit the Vietnam and China Pavilions at Expo 2020


His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, affirmed that “the journey of cultural and civilizational communication between the countries of the world has gathered in one place on the land of the UAE for a common future between them, that achieves promising opportunities to strengthen international partnerships and develop prospects for fruitful cooperation between the countries of the world that will benefit generations.” The upcoming event, through the global event Expo 2020 Dubai, which brought together more than 192 countries, in addition to the participation of the most important institutions, international organizations and bodies, and the elites of innovators and creators from around the world.”

This came during an inspection visit by His Highness to the wings of the Republic of Vietnam and the Republic of China.

His Highness and his companions began their inspection tour in the pavilion of the Republic of Vietnam, which seeks to join other change makers in the “Opportunities” area.

His Highness was briefed by those in charge of the pavilion on Vietnam’s strategy to create a better future for all.

During the tour, His Highness listened to a full explanation of what it was in the past and what it seeks to shape the future with its history as a crossroads of culture and trade, and is now more ready to embrace cooperation and communication on a global scale.

The officials assured His Highness that there is more in Vietnam than the traditional image of rice fields and conical hats, and you will find a country full of energy and movement that you feel amid the buzz and activity, and you will see this in the way the Vietnamese welcome visitors and proudly show you their culture.

His Highness expressed his happiness to visit the Vietnam Pavilion, which simulates all aspects of life there, through its presentations and a model of sustainable and balanced development, stressing that his tour of the Vietnamese pavilion will remain in the memory and unforgettable through what we saw of exhibits and information about its people, its pristine nature and development trends. The pavilion blends traditional elements with contemporary references, unique traditional art performances and stories, and its attractions.

After that, His Highness and his companions moved to the pavilion of the People’s Republic of China at the “Expo 2020 Dubai”, and inspected all its sections, and listened to information from those in charge of it about the distinguished Chinese participation in its pavilion under the name “The Light of China” in the Opportunity Zone and over an area of ​​more than 4,500 meters Square, and one of the largest pavilions of “Expo 2020 Dubai”, and its design is characterized by a mixture of Chinese and Western cultures.

His Highness was briefed on the most important content of the ancient Chinese culture in light of its civilization, which is the oldest of the world’s civilizations, the role of China as one of the most important pioneering countries in the field of technology and advanced industries, and the most important innovations offered by China through the pavilion, which focuses on the most prominent global technologies that will be responsible About shaping the future, especially with regard to space exploration, 5G networks, smart life, artificial intelligence and smart travel, as well as advanced transportation solutions such as autonomous vehicles and high-speed rail.

His Highness watched the robot “YOYO”, which was designed in the form of an animal (panda), which China considers one of its national treasures, in the smart ecological display area. And the future.