Côte d’Ivoire: how SEA Invest invests in port infrastructure


The Côte d’Ivoire subsidiary of SEA Invest intends to strengthen its operational capacity at the autonomous ports of Abidjan (PAA) and San Pedro (PASP) with a new investment of 22 million USD (12 billion F CFA) for a transport project lagoon designed to load larger capacity vessels.

“Mining exporters will therefore be able to load bulk carriers with drafts of up to 16 meters, which is the current maximum limit for vessel access in the Vridi Canal, for a loading capacity of up to 150,000 tonnes” , notes the concessionaire of the bulk terminal (which covers 6 hectares and 800 meters of quayside) and manager of the fruit and mineral docks of the port of Abidjan.

Still in this dynamic of allowing its terminal to acquire a capacity for receiving vessels of 50,000 tonnes against 35,000 tonnes previously, the Ivorian subsidiary of SEA Invest invested, in 2020, 11 million USD in the deepening of the docks. at 12 meters of water depth. “This increase in the capacity of the docks, in addition to helping to decongest the terminal, de facto reduces the cost of maritime transport for cement importers and mining exporters from the Ivory Coast and the sub-region, thus increasing the competitiveness of the Mineral Terminal of” Abidjan ”, indicates the general management.

With a view to extending their existing facilities by 12 hectares against the backdrop of the construction of two new docks, a conveyor system and automated stock management with an additional investment of USD 63 million is planned to accommodate ships with a quay draft of 14 meters deep, crowned with 50 new jobs.

With state-of-the-art logistics, SEA Invest Côte d’Ivoire annually handles millions of tons of sound of industrial solid bulk (manganese, bauxite, nickel, zinc, clinker and other cement manufacturing inputs, etc.), on behalf of the industry and mining. In addition to the new financing identified in the extension of its logistics fleet in Yopougon (west of Abidjan) at a total cost of 38 million USD, General Manager Anthony Arcidiaco and his deputy Myriam Ouassenan announce, for the second quarter of 2021, the inauguration of San Pedro Logistics. At a cost of 8 million USD, this logistics base will be dedicated to the storage and bagging of bulk fertilizers for cotton, cocoa and food crops in Côte d’Ivoire and in the hinterland countries. (Mali, Guinea, Liberia).