Connecting distributors, buyers, resellers and brands: TEXUB launches in Dubai


TEXUB, a global B2B marketplace pioneering the future of IT trade was launched in Dubai, on the 25th of May, 2022, announced a company official press release.

The start-up, headquartered in Dubai, will offer a safe, stable and seamless digital ecosystem for global IT and mobility trade in the B2B space by taking care of end-to-end business requirements and simplifying operations.

The TEXUB model is a non-subscription-based business that provides verified buyers and sellers with unlimited access to business transactions. The platform allows sellers to easily upload multiple products and sell globally across multiple hubs, with the option to define regional restrictions if necessary. Buyers can buy globally and expand their supplier base, allowing them to take advantage of globally competitive pricing options.

TEXUB serves as an ideal channel facilitator as it overcomes the physical limitations of customer reach. The platform supports smaller vendors in establishing themselves in global markets. By diversifying and broadening their sources, TEXUB provides expansion opportunities for businesses both large and small.

“TEXUB is an initiative to prepare for the inevitable where the post-pandemic reality of business transformation has moved onto digital platforms. We aim to be truly global in our approach and offer our customers the choice to do business without borders. Dubai is the ideal location for us to position ourselves as an online platform. Being set in the heart of a global trade hub, TEXUB ensures international connectivity” said Suchit Kumar, CEO of TEXUB

This distinguished set of industry leaders includes Suchit Kumar, Founder member of Dubai Computer Group as the CEO of TEXUB; Susir Kumar, Managing Partner InGroup Consulting, former CEO and Chairman of Intelenet Global Services and current Chairman of VFS Global, Neelesh Bhatnagar, Founder CEO of Emax Electronics, Chairman of NB Ventures and start-up angel investor; Niranjan Gidwani, former CEO of EROS Group and a member of UAE Super Brands Council and Axel Holst as Managing Director of TEXUB Europe. 

Niranjan Gidwani, who is Consultant Director at TEXUB, commented, “With most of the world finding an online foothold, there is an undeniable global shift in the way a business functions today. All businesses are striving to continuously innovate and utilize more efficient ways in which they can achieve tangible results. And here is where digital business transformation becomes the current baseline of successful outcomes. Given this scenario, TEXUB can be leveraged to expand and simplify business, both on and offline.” 

Keeping all stakeholders’ interests in mind, identities on TEXUB are masked, and buyers and sellers remain anonymous while trading, seamlessly ensuring world-class data security. Furthermore, TEXUB handles all payment transactions and shipments. Local billing, in-country trade, and crypto options with a secure gateway enhance the trading experience and lower operational costs for buyers and sellers while keeping them secure online.

TEXUB, a true B2B marketplace, is a user-friendly platform that connects distributors, buyers, resellers, and brands in the industry. TEXUB highlights an unprecedented and compelling journey into the IT and mobility business economy with a strong digital ecosystem and scalable cloud platform.