Monday, October 18, 2021

Congo sets about $11mln aside for road projects

(Ecofin Agency) – Congo currently has 24,000 km of roads, but only 4,000 km are paved, half of which are currently under concession. Pending a national plan to strengthen its infrastructure, the country is focusing on maintaining the few existing kilometers.

At its meeting on Tuesday, September 14, the Congo Road Fund adopted a budget of CFA6.105 billion (about $11 million) for its activities in FY2021-22. This amount is double the CFA3 billion adopted in FY2020-21 but is still lower than that over the years before 2020. “This year’s Road Fund budget is insignificant and will not meet the challenges expected. Until 2014, our budget reached CFA60 billion,” said the Road Fund MD Elenga Obat Nzenguet.

The institution has initiated some projects, some of which will start by the end of the year. These include the construction of crossing structures and a “bridge over the Louala River between Mouyondzi and Kingoué,” which are strategic spots in the country, located halfway between Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire.

The Congo Road Fund is responsible for financing programs to protect the national road heritage, ensure road safety, maintain the road network, and carry out road rehabilitation and development programs.

Henoc Dossa (intern)

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