Comoros President hails depth of relations with UAE


Azali Assoumani, President of Comoros, said that his country enjoys historic and strategic relations with the UAE, which are being strengthened on all fronts.

“These relations are progressing and moving towards important strategic levels,” he told the Emirates News Agency (WAM).

On the nature of strategic projects in Comoros, the President said that his country is keen to become an emerging nation by 2030 and in this context Comoros held a “Donors’ Conference” in Paris in 2019 with the UAE’s active participation.

The UAE, through its capacities and expertise, can help Comoros attract investors from around the world, President Assoumani said, adding that his country has established key goals and put a roadmap for strategic projects in vital sectors, most notably tourism, agriculture and the production of sustainable crops.

He also encouraged tourists visiting the UAE to visit Comoros too before they head back to Europe and the US..

While lauding the UAE’s support in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, Assoumani said that during such difficult times, true brothers and friends prevail.

“The UAE has provided us with 600,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses, and China provided us with another 600,000, which enabled us to vaccinate 60 per cent of the population. On behalf of our people, we extend our gratitude to the UAE and its leadership,” he stated, adding that his country is in need of another 400,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine to inoculate children.

Assoumani also praised the UAE’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and its support for related international efforts.

He pointed out the potential cooperation between the two countries in reducing carbon emissions relative to consumption in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

The UAE has set an example to be followed of launching initiatives aimed at reducing emissions and of protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development, he said.

On the participation of Comoros in Expo 2020 Dubai, Assoumani said the event is an international platform for shaping a more prosperous future by promoting international cooperation and addressing existing and future challenges with innovative solutions and ideas.

He praised the efforts of the UAE and the organisers of Expo 2020 to enable the resumption of global activities after the pandemic, stressing his nation’s participation in this major event highlights the profound strategic ties between the two countries.