Chadian referee Alhad Allaou to officiate Ghana vs Cameroon quarter final clash


Alhadi Allaou Mahamat from Chad has been appointed as centre referee for the Total U-20 Africa Cup of Nations quarter final match between Cameroon and Ghana.

The 35-year-old will be assisted by Modibo Samake from Mali (Assistant Referee I), Eric Ayimavo Ayamr Ulrich from Benin (Assistant Referee II), Pierre Ghislain Atcho from Gabon (Fourth Official). Jospin Luckner Malonga from Central Africa Republic (VAR/Assistant Referee III).

Wajdi Aouadi from Tunisia will serve as Match Commissioner.

Other officials for the game include:

Essameldin Abdel Fattah Abdel Hamid – Referee Assessor – Egypt

Kelly Athanasie Mukandanga – General Coordinator – Rwanda

Watson Edgar Nigel Suubi – Technical Study Group – Uganda

Dina Mohsen Medhat Hassan Radwan – Marketing Officer – Egypt

Lassana Camara – Media Officer – Mauritania

Ahmed Zakaria Enaam mohamed Saber – Security Officer – Egypt

Cyrille Serges Dah – Doping Control – Côte D’Ivoire

Ernest Ntadissi Koussangata – Assistant General Coordinator – Congo

The game will take place at Office du Complexe olympique in Nouakchott on Thursday, February 25 at 16H00.