Chad has untapped resources and opportunities for UAE and Gulf investors, minister tells Expo 2020


DUBAI, 11 January 2022 – Chad has untapped resources and great opportunities that could prove very attractive for investors from the UAE and other Gulf countries, His Excellency M Ali Djadda Kampard, Minister of Commerce and Industry for Chad, told a media briefing session at Expo 2020 Dubai today (11 January).

Speaking on the occasion of Chad’s Expo 2020 National Day, the minister said his country has implemented new reforms to ensure foreign investors can reap the benefits of their projects and help further develop the country.

HE M Ali Djadda Kampard said: “Our ambition to become an emerging country by 2030 is a policy that has been well-established. This policy cannot be accomplished without partnerships between our country and different countries, and through international cooperation. That is why all these structures and laws have been established. It is to allow investors to come. We are presenting opportunities. We have the potential. We have the resources that have not been exploited yet. What we are seeking is win-win solutions and partnerships with other countries and governments to allow us to reach our goal.”Chad has untapped resources and opportunities for UAE and Gulf investors, minister tells Expo 2020

Chad is rich in natural resources, such as oil and gas, and also has the potential to become a popular tourist destination because of the beautiful nature that can be found there, the minister said.

HE M Ali Djadda Kampard said: “Expo 2020 Dubai allowed our country, Chad, to participate in this world event of high importance. It is also an occasion to present Chad, which is located in central Africa, in the heart of the African continent. It is a country that has culture. With great natural resources like oil and gas, it is also a very important country in Africa.

“We are here now and we are looking for donors who are interested to invest in Chad. The UAE example is very promising, and we are trying to replicate the same model in Chad. We are always open and we can always develop our tourism sector as well with anyone who could be interested, especially the UAE government.”