Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Business America to host 2nd GBS in Dubai Sept 29-30

Business America magazine has taken an initiative of arranging the 2nd Global Business Summit (GBS) in Dubai, UAE from September 29 to 30 September aimed at connecting businesses with investors and business community across the world, according to a press statement.

Bangladesh has been acknowledged as a country having immense potential but in order to release this potential, planning and budget play a pivotal role. Bangladesh has brilliant planning capacity, but unfortunately lacks the capability to finance these schemes.

Currently some 100 Export Processing Zones (EPZs), an initiative of the current government, are in progress. It is not just a question of having EPZs, trading must commence also and for that huge amount of investment is required.

At present Bangladesh has a reserve of more than USD 41 billion which is a light at the end of the tunnel for Bangladesh.

Business America is playing a significant role in this regard. The magazine aims to promote all entrepreneurial efforts, of Bangladeshi businesses, located globally. Bangladeshis doing business in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, North Korea, UAE, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait are achieving unprecedented success.

The celebrated personalities, apart from the creation of NRB Bank, have been participating in various industrial enterprises. They are also involving themselves in the advancement of education in Bangladesh and in various other social services. They are working with the aim to lift Bangladesh to the ‘Developed Country’ status since it is their motherland and root.

The 2nd GBS is being organized from the outcome of this nationalist consciousness of Bangladeshis living abroad. This summit is not only being attended by NRBs but also by resident Bangladeshi entrepreneurs having a common dream: A developed Bangladesh.

In a summit like this the whole world will be able to know and observe Bangladeshi products.


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