Business America to host 2nd GBS in Dubai on September 29-30

Business America to host 2nd GBS in Dubai on September 29-30

Business America has taken the initiative of arranging the 2nd Global Business Summit (GBS) in Dubai, UAE from September 29 (Wednesday) to 30 (Thursday), 2021 with the intention to connect businesses with investors and business community across the world.

In a summit like this the whole world will be able to know and observe Bangladeshi products. They will find out the prospective sectors for investment. At the same time the prospective startups will also get the opportunity to find out about each other thus creating opportunities for the overall development of Bangladesh. The GBS will be another milestone towards the dynamic development of Bangladesh.     

Bangladesh has been acknowledged as a country having immense potential but in order to release this potential, planning and budget play a pivotal role. Bangladesh has brilliant planning capacity, but unfortunately lacks the capability to finance these schemes. People across the globe are awestruck by seeing large scale developments like the Padma Bridge or Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant. The 2nd GBS is being organized from the outcome of this nationalist consciousness of Bangladeshis living abroad. This summit is not only being attended by NRBs but also by resident Bangladeshi entrepreneurs having a common dream: A developed Bangladesh.

Business America is playing a significant role in this regard. The magazine aims to promote all entrepreneurial efforts, of Bangladeshi businesses, located globally. Bangladeshis are doing business in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, North Korea, UAE, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait are achieving unprecedented success. These Bangladeshi stories, brimming with success are also presented in Canada, France and the EU.

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