Baby Arabian sharks bred in Dubai released into the waters of the Persian Gulf


It was a happy moment for the baby sharks at Gargantuan luxury resort on Dubai’s artificial palm-shaped island as they could finally travel their way out to embrace a new journey on their own.

The baby sharks that were bred at the resort, set out on their journey to the sea last week as a part of a conservation project. The baby sharks were pushed out of their warm pools of Atlantis Hotel aquarium to travel farther than they ever have in their two years of existence into the waters of the Persian Gulf.

As a part of the conservation project, a team of Dubai conservationists carefully caught hold of the sharks with the help of the nets and moved them into oxidized tanks in a pick-up truck and the sharks were ready to release into water thereafter.

As the team reached the Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary, a short drive from the hotel, one of the experts plopped them into big plastic bags and carried their wiggly bodies over the white sandy beach of the sanctuary.

The team of conservationists stood in the shin-deep warm waters of the Persian Gulf to release these small creatures as they set out on a life long journey. Harmless to humans, these tiny sharks prefer a diet of snake eels, shrimps, crabs and squid.

For many years now, the hotel’s aquarium has been contributing to the conservation of native marine species by breeding honeycomb stingray and brown Arabian carpet sharks. These breeding are then released into the wild, rich with coral reefs and mangroves.

Image: Shutterstock