Ayanda Thabethe Galavanting In Dubai With Married Man

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New working mom Ayanda Thabethe and her mysterious boyfriend and baby daddy who is reported to be married and with two children with his wife are the talks of the town yet again on Mzansi’s black Twitter streets. The television presenter has been living large in Dubai and sharing all her baecation content with 2 million followers on Instagram as they celebrated her bae Peter Matsimbe’s birthday on a yacht in Jumeirah Al Naseem, Dubai.
This comes after weeks of Ayanda trying, although failing at keeping her love triangle with Peter private from the public. Earlier this month, controversial entertainment commentator Musa Khawula uncovered this mystery after worming into the lifestyle influencer’s close friends’ content list on Instagram and seeing the mysterious man in the subject, Peter.
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However, it seems Ayanda has had enough with keeping things on the low and wants to flaunt her relationship with the husband and father of a family with the world. She has since been sharing countless snaps from their trips where she also openly claimed him as her “boo”.

Another video of the duo cutting his birthday cake in their long Dubai vacation was leaked by a close friend to the couple to confirm that indeed they are together.<figure class="attachment attachment–content" data-trix-attachment="{"content":"

Ayanda Thabethe has decided not to hide her affair with Peter Matsimbe anymore as she shares a cake with Peter's name on her IG. pic.twitter.com/dIP94YDU7L

&mdash; Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) June 8, 2022

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But it was until yesterday that Twitter started criticising Ayanda Thabethe for breaking a family and acting in “arrogant” ways for publicly posing with a married man as a “side chick.” It was after a video of the television presenter pouring a shot of premium tequila for her married bae Peter and celebrating ever so jolly in a bikini set on a yacht. This video was once again posted by Musa Khawula with the caption, “Ayanda Thabethe celebrating her birthday with her dangerous married boyfriend Peter Matsimbe celebrating his birthday in Dubai.”<figure class="attachment attachment–content" data-trix-attachment="{"content":"

Ayanda Thabethe with her dangerous married boyfriend Peter Matsimbe celebrating his birthday in Dubai. pic.twitter.com/AtS3pol2aM

&mdash; Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) June 8, 2022

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Musa followed up with another tweet showing more photos from the new couple’s Dubai trip where he wrote, “Ayanda Thabethe has decided not to hide her affair with Peter Matsimbe anymore as she shares a cake with Peter’s name on her IG.”

Even with all the drama unfolding back home in Mzansi, unapologetic TV host and MC Ayanda continues to update her Instagram stories with all her Dubai escapades and in her latest snap, she sparks the fire hinting on this drama and says, “…Am I the drama?”<figure class="attachment attachment–content" data-trix-attachment="{"content":"

Peter Matsimbe with his wife Shannen Thring. pic.twitter.com/uIawd5LJMQ

&mdash; Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) June 9, 2022

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In the past few weeks, Ayanda Thabethe was defensive towards Musa Khawula’s reports about her involvement with Peter and shared a cheeky tweet where she supposedly set the record straight, at least for the time being. Ayanda shared on Twitter, “I definitely am NOT dating nor do I have a child with a married OR even engaged man. As you were.”

A lot of Twitter users have also weighed in on Ayanda’s love triangle, mostly female users siding with the wife and calling Ayanda out for knowingly dating and flaunting a relationship with a married man, who also appears in the videos with his wedding ring.

A user named Dr Sunrise wrote, “Married men who cheat are wrong. What we will not do, is absolve women like Ayanda who knowingly and willingly participate in acts of adultery and infidelity. Both parties are wrong. This modern-day feminism lacks accountability, principles, self-reflection and empathy.”

Another user wrote dragging and judging Ayanda’s behaviour “Ayanda girl? That behaviour is extremely disgusting. You don’t pop a whole baby for a married man and then have fun with him in Dubai, arrogantly so. What about his wife? Her husband is equally wrong.”

Another user wrote, “I find it disgusting that young beautiful girls like Ayanda and Mihlali are dating married men. Worse getting pregnant by one. It’s highly irresponsible for both adults to bring a child into such messy situations. There are certain things money can’t buy. Isdima is important guys.”