Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Awesome: Emirates Bringing A380’s Back To USA!

Putting aside the futuristic first class cabins on select Emirates Boeing 777’s, it’s the Airbus A380 that wins hearts and minds for the airline.

Some would say it’s the best in class dimensions of the economy seats and their seat back screens, others would say the stylish business class bar, and others the first class showers, but whatever the pick, the Emirates A380 is unlike any other.

Sadly, the plane has been cast aside as pandemic woes linger and cargo proves more viable than transporting passengers. With hope that the US will continue easing travel restrictions, Emirates is adding the A380 back to a variety of North American routes, including not one, or two, but three US gateways.

Photo of Emirates a380 flying

Emirates A380’s Returning To Americas

Emirates has updated its summer flying schedule, and is stepping up the timeline for the A380’s return to North American service.

According to Simple Flying, Emirates will fly the Airbus A380 on EK 201/202, as one of its two New York JFK services from June 1st, rather than a planned summer schedule starting July 1st.

In addition, Washington Dulles (IAD) and Los Angeles (LAX) will see A380’s rostered onto the schedule for summer 2021, with an expected return by July 1st. Toronto (YYZ) will also receive Airbus A380 service from Emirates over the summer.

With the UAE added to the UK’s red list, Emirates jets which were expected to handle booming demand for travel to and from the UK are being deployed to North America, where a travel rebound is booming.

Is It Worth Booking To Enjoy The A380?

Airlines are offering better flexibility than they usually might right now, but like many things in travel, even scheduled services are subject to change. Emirates will likely stick to its A380 plans for North America, but adjustments could me made in the interim if travel restrictions were to change.

If you’re hoping to travel purely to experience the A380, versus what would be found on an Emirates Boeing 777, it’s best to wait a bit until schedules firm up. Emirates had previously planned to fly the A380 to more international gateways, but lack of demand saw those plans pushed back for months. It’s unlikely to happen again, but if the A380 is the deal breaker, keep that in mind.

The A380 is arguably the best plane for passenger experience in all cabins, thanks to the increased dimensions and spaced offered. It’s wonderful to see the super jumbo added to flying schedules around the globe, particularly as rumors of a resurgence with airlines including British Airways gain traction.

If flying between Dubai and North America is in the cards for you, an A380 might be too. Just double check before booking!

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