Friday, June 25, 2021

Australia’s Marrunga Marble Lamb hosts global launch event and chef’s table in Dubai

On Tuesday May 25, Food Source International in partnership with Mulwarra Export in Australia introduced new lamb brand Marrunga Marble to the market in an exclusive global launch dinner and chef’s table at the Atmosphere restaurant in Dubai.

Marrunga Marble Lamb is inspired by the rolling grazing country of New South Wales and the local indigenous language of the Wiradjuri nation meaning “sweet”; Marrunga Marble Lamb exactly that – a sweet marbled lamb.

A product of selected genetics and a specifically developed feeding programme, Marrunga Marble is set to redefine what can be expected from Australian Lamb. Each cut is marbled with fine threads of healthy intramuscular fat, giving it tenderness and a lamb taste that is milder on the palate.

Marrunga Marble Lamb was developed with a premium quality foodservice environment in mind, for 5-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants across the world. Dubai, with such a diverse and well-recognised food scene, was chosen as the location of the brand’s global launch, and fittingly so it was held in the world’s tallest restaurant, Atmosphere Burj Khalifa.

During the dinner, guests, a mix of Dubai’s best chefs and F&B professionals, were treated to three Marrunga Marble Lamb courses, specifically curated by Chef Eka Mochamad and his team at Atmosphere. Chef Mochamad’s menu showcased the diversity of this lamb brand and its qualities.

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