Astron Packaging, Installs its second Durst Tau330 RSC for Dubai plant

Durst Tau330 RSC installation for labels and packaging at Astron Packaging

Astron Packaging, a leading labels & packaging company, has installed its 2nd Durst Tau330 RSC, a fully configured Industrial UV Inkjet digital press for labels & packaging in its Dubai plant.

As an emerging company in the self-adhesive labels manufacturing business, Astron boasts of a diverse portfolio of manufactured self-adhesive labels across industries such as Cosmetic, Beverage, Fast-moving consumer goods, Oil & Lubricant, Pharmaceutical, Automobiles and Agriculture.

Mr. Niraj Darji, president of Astron packaging explained that they were extremely satisfied and delighted with the Durst Tau330 digital press installed in 2016 that has been functioning seamlessly and hence Astron has decided to install it second Durst Tau 330 RSC digital press at their Dubai plant. This installation is expected to cater for labels and cartons for wide-ranging industries including FMCG, Pharma, Health & personal care, Oil & industrial, across the UAE market.

Mr. Niraj added that Astron had extensively reviewed all other digital press options in the market but eventually concluded to proceed with Durst Tau 330 RSC for its consistent quality, high productivity and very economical production cost, which are all the factors that they were looking for to enable them to offer high-quality labels & packaging solutions to their customers in UAE.

One of the USP’s for Astron Packaging to continue with Durst digital press is excellent after-sales support from Printronics who is the official partner for Durst Labels & Packaging segment.

Selvaraj Venkatesh, Managing Partner, Printronics says that they are extremely pleased to have installed the second Durst RSC machine at the Astron Pkg plant in Dubai. Mr. Venkatesh is very glad to see the trust that Astron has shown in Printronics and Durst machines, which are Robust and offer phenomenal speed. According to him, these machines are revolutionizing the label and packaging industry.