April 30, 2021 MullenLowe Dubai: The night two moons appeared in the sky


On February 3, people in Dubai began staring at a strange phenomenon in the night sky. Two moons. Did Earth now have two moons? Photos, videos and speculation about the twin rock-like shapes began appearing across social media.

The Double Moon, as it began to be called, made very many people wonder and even a few fear an apocalypse. The debate stretched over hours and days.

Until the mystery was revealed.

The two moons in Dubai’s sky were, in fact, Phobos and Deimos – Mars’s moons. But they were also projections, created by MullenLowe Dubai for the UAE Government Media Office, a promotion for UAE’s arrival in Mars. The idea had come from a simple question, “What if we could make everyone see what Hope Probe is seeing 500 million miles away?”

82 million people did.

The moons were created using new sky mapping projection technology – two giant 70-metre cranes and a unique 40-metre holo screen made the moons appear realistically in the sky and very visible from long distances.

Here is the story:

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And here are some of the videos made by social media users:

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