An Emirati girl celebrates “Expo 2020 Dubai” in her own way


In her own way and by singing, the Emirati girl Alia (four years old) celebrates the Expo 2020 Dubai, through her first song, Going To Dubai, in which she expressed Dubai’s standing for her and everyone who visits her.

Alia – who is preparing to present a new song in Arabic on the occasion of the 50th National Day of the UAE – expressed in her Dubai song the feeling of joy for any visitor or traveler coming to the city to attend this global event, by employing the words that she used to chant every time she went to visit Dubai with Her family, especially the phrase “Going To Dubai”, to reflect through it the great enthusiasm that she was feeling along the way, which makes the song in line with the atmosphere of enthusiasm and positivity that accompanies “Expo 2020”, expressing her hope that she will be able to participate in various activities and events in this the event.

The talent of Alia Al-Ali, who lives in Ras Al-Khaimah, is not strange, and it appeared very early, according to the family. Her father is a musician and plays different instruments, as well as her uncles. The melodies have always been around her since her birth.

Since she first started vocalizing, Alia was able to invent her own tones, and over time she began to utter short sentences of words and musical phrases, coming up with words spontaneously and most of the time coming out synchronously and in tune “like what she did in her song Going to Dubaia.

Those were her own words that she hums with her own tune during any trip to Dubai.

The Emirati girl’s family is keen to support and encourage her to develop her talent.

I worked on encouraging her and supporting her talent. Recently, Alia began taking music lessons to learn to play the piano and the drums.

She is also seeking vocal training to help her further develop her skills.

 The girl Alia is preparing to celebrate the fiftieth year of the UAE by presenting a song on this occasion, and it will be her first experience in singing in the Arabic language, and she is expected to release it next November, with the support of Universal Music MENA, which greatly supported and supported her talent, even though she is at such a very young age. The company signed a cooperation contract with her on her first single, Going To Dubaia, written by Francis Henson, and for melody, arrangement and mastering by Jules Dennis.

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