Alliance Française Abu Dhabi and Institut Français in the UAE hosted the Gilbert Sinoué Book Signing Event


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, June 2, 2021: Thanks to the 30th Edition of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, Alliance Française Abu Dhabi in partnership with Institut Français in the UAE and Culture & Co, hosted the French and Egyptian bestselling author, Gilbert Sinoué in the capital.

The event took place at the Alliance Française Abu Dhabi campus on 27th of May 2021 with Gilbert Sinoué sharing exclusive details behind the writing of his latest book, “The Falcon”. This fictionalized biography of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan originally written in French was available on site.

Following his journey to writing and multiple of his artistic life guests lined-up to meet with Gilbert and get their copies of Gilbert Sinoué’s book signed by the author. As a recognition to the award-winning novelist, Alliance Française Abu Dhabi gave his name to the campus’ library.

With an astounding background growing up, the Egyptian-French national enjoyed cross cultures understanding between Arabic and Western cultural heritage. The rich exposure to art from diverse nation has refined him to be a master in writing more than 30 novels, essays, and biographies.

Commenting on his new book, Gilbert Sinoué said, “It was actually born in my mind few years ago when I was invited to a book fair here in Abu Dhabi and discovered the fantastic and unique character of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – and thought to myself that ‘this man could be in a novel,”

‘The Falcon’ is now available in Arabic language. It is set to be translated and published in English and wide range of languages.

Hugo Henry, cultural advisor at the French Embassy congratulated Gilbert Sinoué for “having built a bridge between France and the United Arab Emirates. The Falcon shines a light on the inspiring life of the late Sheikh Zayed and provides opportunities for a better understanding between the two countries.

Mohamed Beldjoudi, Director of AFAD said, “We are incredibly pleased to host this event for an award-winning and bestselling French and Egyptian author. As we celebrate the 30th Edition of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, we will continue to value and support the contributors of art that most of us enjoy.”

Gilbert Sinoué said, “It was a completely different experience from my previous Abu Dhabi International Book Fair experience because of restrictions due to the pandemic but, I’m grateful to everyone who made this event possible,”

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