All You Need to Know About Sponsoring Parents in UAE


Question: Can you guide me about the exact requirements for sponsoring my parents in the UAE? What are the salary requirements? Are they calculated based on the total income (my wife’s and mine)? Also, if we do not meet the salary requirements, how do I go about making the request on humanitarian grounds, as my parents are aged and living all alone back home in India? Please advise.

Answer: Pursuant to your queries, we assume that you are residing in the emirate of Dubai. In accordance with the prevailing regulation, an individual should earn a monthly salary of Dh20,000 to sponsor his or her parents in the UAE and should be living in at least a two-bedroom apartment.

If your salary is Dh20,000, you should be able to sponsor the visa of your parents and obtain one for them from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (the GDRFA).

It should be noted that either you or your wife should individually earn a monthly salary of Dh20,000. The combined salary of yourself and your wife may not be considered.

However, in the event your monthly salary is less than Dh20,000 and if there is no one to take care of your parents in your home country, you may apply to the GDRFA to sponsor your parents in the UAE. You may have to provide necessary documents and evidence confirming that you are the sole bread winner for your parents and they are dependent on you due to their old age.

Based on this, the GDRFA may consider your application to sponsor your parents in the UAE even if your monthly salary is lesser than Dh20,000. You may approach the GDRFA for further advice regarding the said matter.