Al-Futtaim Group launches in Riyadh the first Eggo Kitchen & House store in the Middle East

سما العالم

Samaworld – Ahmed Bin Abdulqader  

Al-Futtaim Group launched in Saudi Arabia the first Eggo Kitchen & House store in the Middle East, located in Al-Rimal Complex, Exit 16, Eastern Ring Road in Riyadh.

Launched in 2007, the Belgian brand has more than 65 stores in four countries. It offers custom-made kitchens of high quality at reasonable prices, as well as integrated storage solutions through modern and practical kitchen cabinets. Eggo’s vision and strategy is to provide products at a full range of prices, from medium to high. The inauguration of the first Eggo store in Riyadh is part of a comprehensive expansion plan for Al-Futtaim Group under which 16 branches in various Saudi cities will be opened, as the Kingdom is a primary market for the Group. Eggo provides excellent customer services and customized solutions that meet the needs of every customer, in addition to the high quality of its German-made kitchens and cabinets. The chain aspires to become one of the recommended brands in the Middle East markets.

Adosh Sharma, General Manager of Eggo at Al-Futtaim Group, said: “We are pleased to open the first Eggo store in the Middle East on the East Ring Road – Exit 16 – Al-Rimal Complex in Riyadh. This is in line with Al-Futtaim Group’s strategy to expand and enhance its presence in the Kingdom through stores, brands, offers, and new and unique products, to create immersive shopping experiences for everyone.”

For his part, Eggo CEO Frederic Taminiaux commented: “We are pleased and excited to partner with Al-Futtaim Group to open our first branch in the Middle East and to be present in Riyadh and other

Saudi cities in the future, as we always seek to expand into new markets. We expect our brand to be well received in the Kingdom, as we offer high quality products at a full range of prices, along with kitchen and storage solutions and the best customer service.”

Regis Schultz, President of Retail at Al-Futtaim Group, said: “The Al-Futtaim Group constantly strives to create new shopping experiences for customers and explore new opportunities to bring premium global brands to the Middle East markets.”

Eggo is built on the values of authenticity and responsibility and is keen to provide distinctive kitchens at affordable prices to Saudi customers.