Ain Expo.. The world’s first air-conditioned helmet.. from Dubai


In line with the efforts of the UAE government to raise standards of worker welfare

  • Qumran Birgis Khan: “The helmet is designed to keep workers comfortable in the extremely hot environment of the industrial and construction sectors.”

  • The safety helmet is available in four variants.

    Photography: Ahmed Ardeti


NIA Limited, in Dubai, has announced the launch of the first air-conditioned safety helmet for outdoor workers and executives in field sites in the UAE.

Indian startup Garsh Safety has made the new headgear, called “Jarsh-Nea AC Helmet”, and works with patented cooling technology, providing coolness of up to 24 degrees Celsius.

And he unveiled the modern, air-conditioned safety helmet, yesterday, at the Indian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, in the presence of the founder and president of NIA Limited, M.


H. Nea, and CEO of Jarsh Safety, Kothub Kundina.

The UAE places the health and safety of its workers at the top of its priorities.

It does not allow workers in the construction and industrial sectors to work during summer hours.

UAE law also obligates workers to provide workers with safety equipment and appropriate clothing to protect them from injuries and dangers.

Qumran Birgis Khan, CEO of NIA Limited, said: “In line with the UAE government’s endeavors to raise standards of worker welfare, NIA Limited, the exclusive distributor of a wide range of global consumer electronic goods and home appliances, is proud to offer the UAE, a wide range of Wider for the region, this tool for safety and convenience from (Jarsh Safety), the Indian start-up.”

The safety helmet “Garsh-Nea AC Helmet” will constitute a qualitative addition to the safety and comfort of workers in the construction sector, and to outdoor workers in general, especially in areas known for high temperatures in the summer. Qumran said: “The industrial helmet has not witnessed more innovation Over a period of more than a hundred years, specifically since its inception in 1919. Today, in 2021, we are changing the way the world sees the concept of safety,” referring to the new helmet, the first of its kind.

He explained that it was designed to keep workers in the industrial, construction and outdoor sectors comfortable, as well as for executives while working in an extremely hot environment.

He said: “As a company headquartered in the UAE, we believe that bringing an air-conditioned safety helmet to the region, and using this technology to improve the comfort levels of workers, is part of our social responsibility,” noting that cooperation with “Jarsh Safety” is in line with the commitment of “Nia Limited”. By spreading innovation, supporting start-ups and providing advanced technology-based solutions to address long-standing challenges.

The safety helmet provides a unique opportunity for construction companies and industrial units to prioritize the comfort of their workers without sacrificing productivity.

The use of an air-conditioned helmet is not only a socially responsible approach, but also has commercial advantages, because studies have shown that extreme heat can cause heat exhaustion, stress and thus reduced productivity.

NIA Limited has a wide network of subsidiaries in the UAE and across the Middle East.

It is the official and exclusive regional distributor for a number of the world’s largest brands of consumer electronics and home appliances, including AEG, Blue Air, Blue Water, Daewoo, Gree, Haier, and Technogas. and “Winya” among other brands.

The presence of “Nia Limited” began in the UAE since the eighties of the last century, and it specializes in heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology.

The Garsh-Nia AC Helmet air-conditioned safety helmet will be available in the UAE and across the region through the NIA Limited distribution network.

Powered by a rechargeable battery (requiring zero maintenance), the helmet provides companies in the UAE and the region with an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure the safety, comfort and health of their workers, regardless of the surrounding conditions.

The safety helmet improves productivity, while ensuring the safety and comfort of workers.

The helmet is packaged with a rechargeable battery.

“The premium model is available for senior executives with a two-hour battery life, while the heavy-duty model is available for skilled workers with a 10-hour battery backup,” said Kothop Kondenya.

He added, “Across the helmet parts, there are four holes that provide a constant level of coolness and protect the wearer from dripping sweat, and enhance his comfort and productivity during his work.”

• The use of the air-conditioned helmet is a responsible approach from the social side… and it achieves commercial advantages.

• The safety helmet allows construction companies and industrial units to prioritize worker comfort, without sacrificing productivity.